Custom maps for custom server
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Custom maps for custom server

Guys Download this autodownloader, this program will download all the maps automaticly!!
If u close the game it will also remove allt he maps Smile

or download them anulay

if u dont know how ot install the maps.... just copy them in your main.. where is main?.

rightclick on your shorcut where u start mohaa with and click open file location.
than open the folder main there u see pak0.pk3 pak1.pk3 pak2.pk3 pak3.pk3 etc... place the mappacks in there. (they are also pk3 files)

if dropbox say that u have to login.. just click it away and dstart the download YOPU DONT NEED TO INSTALL OR LOGIN DROPBOX.... JUST LCICK IT AWAY AND DOWNLOAD THE MAPS!!

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We have 3 mappacks, if u want another map in the rotaion open the mappacks.... i can not add maps that are not in this mappacks.... why????

i explain, it ook me months maybe years to get so many people these maps and get so many people in this custom server, im affraid if i putt in a new map... everyone has to download it again..... 90% wont do it or fail, and than we end up with an empty server again, so try to check out he maps that are in the mappacks!

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I found it at last hehehe ..sad

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frenzy, thats custom map for spearhead/breaktrough, i dont think we have that one in our packs, and yurkli we already have that one, its in the rotation.

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Hey folks.

What about this one?

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on top is a button that says Servers Blum 3

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I cant find the ip adress to the server .

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yep its a public server and its online 24/7, its just that we invite everyone on friday to come together there to play somehting else than always the same maps, so your welcome to join. Smile

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Everybody is welcome and can join the server at anytime. Feel free to come and play!

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Is Custom maps only for members ,or everyone can join ?