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Welcome to LuV Clan
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i dont wanna get into mapping and all that again, just saying there's some better maps then iv seen on server,     how about,  v2 shelter in dm, abbey beta in dm, the lost village in dm,  Daisytown in dm, all freeze tag of course Smile 

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Hi Demee,

Please provide more info so we can help you.

Which game?
Which server?
Ingame name?

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if u wanna play around with custom maps i can arrange a server for u...., bet we have alot of people that would like to test

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Slim the custom server is wasted! remember all the great maps we used to play back in the day? really could make a lot better in my view Smile

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Hi all! 

Dear admin, pls remove my ban, u wanted to ban my name stealer.. Smile Ty

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Ola guys xD

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Evening Peeps

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Harry potter !!!!!
My childhood