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Clan Application dFuzR Whale^
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Sunny Sunny Anany
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Clan application Cod4 Tuba66 Slimbips
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=|LuV|= Poker Tournament, whos interested?? Slimbips Slimbips
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MrTwinkles reporting for Booty MrTwinkles Slimbips
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A Call of Duty 4 Zombies Night!! Next Friday the 17th TegCAL Black Ghost
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why did u do that !? ( chickenPluckerMan ) Tarek_Teko YywiyY
Welcome to LuV Clan
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30 degrees again in the netherlands at last :), had 3 bbq's within 24 hours .... yeahhhh

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Hello Frenzy Smile

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hello frenzy Smile

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hi Frenz Smile

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Hello Frenzy welcome Biggrin

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Helllo everybody Smile

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heeye hypo Smile

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What's wrong with the server today :s

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Hi everyone! Smile