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DeoN says hello ; ) DeoN DeoN
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Sergei normushik Slimbips
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i'm turkish arm hq Turkish Army HQ WarDog
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Mr Dash-T- Slimbips
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joining luv clan Tonny Slimbips
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Clan Application dFuzR Whale^
Welcome to LuV Clan
Lady's picture

Good morning <3

Slimbips's picture

morning guys Smile

Zware's picture

morning Smile

Debbie*Does*Mohaa**'s picture

Hey Frenzy Smile

Slimbips's picture

always good to have some easy kills there Smile

FReNZy|GR's picture

Hello guyz thx for welcome! cya in game

Slimbips's picture

gazzar message me in private chat i help you

GaZZaR's picture

that link you just send to me toxic isn't working but thanks for your replay tho Smile ......... any idea how to get this freaking game on my 'new' pc? xd

Toxic's picture

send a link in pm , hope it helped GaZ'ZaR

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