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Slimbips's picture

heey alex dude :), try to be active here or on ts so we are with a group to destroy gunner...... kr1s if we lose from gunner i blame u 4ever.....

KR1S's picture

Ill Play depending on date/time,
weekday evenings im ususally online.

Slimbips's picture

MFC want to play a war against us..... when we have a group together?

Slimbips's picture

zwiere!!!! Smile

Lady's picture

Zwaaaaaaaaaare <3 <3 <3 Smile

Zware's picture

Laddyyyyyyy <3<3<3

[D]eMoN !!!'s picture

Morningggg !!!

Lady's picture

Moorning Lol <3

Slimbips's picture

hello peops :), someone would like to play some 3rd person today?

Toxic's picture

miaaaaaauw !!

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