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LuV Website Chat Enable Notifications (so u can see the last message while your on other website) Slimbips BaRT_mohaa
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Who wants top help with LuV Facebook? posting nice videos and pictures etc? Slimbips YywiyY
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Me doing some guitar playin a few years back :) Face YywiyY
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Hiiiii Luv’ sisters & brothers :) !! =|LuV|= Mimi YywiyY
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The World Got Talent TegCAL TegCAL
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Luv app Logo needed..... bring the logos in guys!! Slimbips Baatus
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Hi all, me a new member^^ BelAl BelAl
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Hello from USA ThinkGrowRich BelAl

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Welcome to LuV Clan
Lone Wolf's picture

Good day to all)


Stormyy ©'s picture

Hi guys,

We had an outage of the server box between 05:00 and 06:00 AM. Everything should be restarted by now.. Contact me or slim if notice that any server hasnt restarted the way it should.

Kind regards,

CallOfBeauty's picture

Lara and me still waiting for an invitation slimmyyy! Blum 3

Slimbips's picture

Back from a weekend of clanmembers at my house :), was really super great, hope to see them soon again!!

Lone Wolf's picture

Today on the map Vistic_Castle Made bhop 2 times, from 1 platform to bounce and then finish )


legion's picture

Afternoon Peeps

Slimbips's picture

oke mate Smile

Whale's picture

My whatsapp crashed, will be back asap on group app people 


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Morning felis and luvvers Smile

feliscatus's picture

Morning luvvies  <3 Smile