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LuV Website Chat Enable Notifications (so u can see the last message while your on other website) Slimbips BaRT_mohaa
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Who wants top help with LuV Facebook? posting nice videos and pictures etc? Slimbips YywiyY
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Me doing some guitar playin a few years back :) Face YywiyY
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Hiiiii Luv’ sisters & brothers :) !! =|LuV|= Mimi YywiyY
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The World Got Talent TegCAL TegCAL
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Luv app Logo needed..... bring the logos in guys!! Slimbips Baatus
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Hi all, me a new member^^ BelAl BelAl
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Hello from USA ThinkGrowRich BelAl

Latest match played in the 1vs1 tournament

Welcome to LuV Clan
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Morning!!!! Lol 

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Heey Goodmorning wise :), no problem mate!, everything is fixable!

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Hey guys! 

GJ on the pingfix! 


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luv is a gamingclan

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Hello LUV people

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Evening Peeps

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Why such a low online on DeathRun ;(


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Haha both are always welcome beauty :), all luvvers are always welcome Smile

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If anyone missed Katowice 2017 - CS:GO this year, watch it, its worth it.

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Goodmornign people