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with tissu logo


BaRT_mohaa's picture

Made my own in waiting our logo Blum 3


Anna's picture

we need a roccat to sponsor us... XD


Slimbips's picture

haha yeah i have roccat keyboard an mouse and made this a while ago, maybe later i will create a luv background

CallOfBeauty's picture

That is covert advertising for roccat Blum 3

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TegCAL's picture

Slim what about making LuV Desktop background ?

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Hey LuVers ! Check my new dark trap track ! thanks


BaRT_mohaa's picture

I agree Mat, but it would request players to download it.

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Hey guys! Don't you think it is time to add St-Lo in the sniper only server? It is leading in our votes since a long time and I really think it is a great idea to add a map in this server. Wink

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