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Slimbips's picture

Slimbips's picture

press f2 ingame and sett connection to lan?

menicool's picture

yo amigos, i got a problem here ... my ping all the sudden turn too high while my internet speed is fine! ... any ideas how to fix this shit? x)

Slimbips's picture

Heey Guys, if u can make a little donation for the clan to keep the minecraft servers up!!, just a little donation is enough, with a little bit teamwork 1 euro per person would be enough!!

Modaa's picture

Good news Baatus thanks

Entropy's picture

Hi all :>

Ty Baatus, i was going to ask in the forum if the server hadn't change in the meanwhile, cos i wasn't able to join yesterday... Being dedicated maybe can help with the lag suffered by some from time to time and the update surely is a nice bonus too... I'll go try it now...

bart's picture

To all the mincraft players, i got us a dedicated server for at least this month. So we can play without one of us having to run the server. It's running on the latest version 1.10


the port IS required!

Slimbips's picture

yeah im doign fien to Smile

[D]eMoN !!!'s picture

Hey lo guys Smile
Was out of country man, but m back noW !!!

Eternity's picture

Slim!!!! I-m so happy I'm fine, and you?? Biggrin