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Welcome to LuV Clan
Slimbips's picture

Its fine just keep it cool Smile

TeFa's picture

i didnt accsuing him

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Commo estas ??
I hope that every one is good!!
Welcome Back Ladyyy!!!! Biggrin

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heey mr mercer man Smile

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goodmorning guys Smile

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maybe its better to talk with him and tell him what u didnt like, on this way u will only create more struggles against eachother.... tefa!!!!!, u should spread good things for this clan.. not moaning and accusing!

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@Slim, positive it was him tbh, especially judging by his reply on this guestbook. It was completely out of order and disrespectful.

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hello lady :), and goodmorning luvvers Smile

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Good morning Smile

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guys check out

Watch live video from LeftySpinHand on www.twitch.tv

hes suporting us in every way he can!, give him some hugs!