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Welcome to LuV Clan
Eternity's picture

morning all!


TegCAL's picture

morninga lol

Imagine*DraGon$'s picture

Morning all Smile
Mike, i don't stress about being kicked Wink and i did reconnect ! Maybe he kicked me by mistake, only he knows lol, but ty for replies! appreciated Smile

Slimbips's picture

morning guys :), and arabs Blum 3

TegCAL's picture

lol it is only for arabs

Toxic's picture

oh yea , we al understand that Abdullah , plz wite in english xD

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حد محشش أكتر من الجدع ده ؟؟

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dont kick people unless server is full pls

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Hi Dragons

I have been kicked from spec also, loads of times its not a big deal mate, just reconnect ( skin up first if it stresses you mate ) Smile

TegCAL's picture

Hey Imagine
ofc i do not agree
so let's w8 for Slimb's Answer !!