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Hey Boyz & Girlz Smile

My name is David alias Turbulence and i come from Germany. I'm 36 Years Old.

Its nice to play Mohaa again since feewwwww Years. I played Mohaa its released and i was at an non professional German Clan just for collab with an Clan in Netherlands called 508th. It was an amazing time Smile

Now i play Mohaa since 4-5 Weeks again and i feel young again hehhehe :D..joke..its amazing to play this Old Game and its very good and funny to play on LUV Server....amazing players..and amazing People Smile

The most time how i spend my feelings in real is to do producing music and for some Hours..i play mohaa Smile
If there is no one Online on LUV Server, so i play a little bit on Forte Stalingrad Only ok but LUV is best Smile

Its is really nice too, to meet some German Players..Like Hansi or MastaLux..and yesterday..Rifle Monkey. and the other players they try to speak/write German Biggrin was Me..nice to meet and see ya on Server Smile

Best regards and wishes
David alias Turbulence(GER)


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Lo Turbulence,
Nice to see ya on the server and that you rejoined Mohaa.
enjoy the  server and happy hunting Smile

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Welcome Turb!, nice to see you around again!, du weist jah doch!, iimmer!!!! Blum 3

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heyaa Turbu, good to see you here Smile