Calling the computer savvy and the mohaa experts
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Calling the computer savvy and the mohaa experts

Hey guys,
I have an issue in mohaa and maybe someone here knows how to fix it... When i'm playing my game just freezes, like for a full second, in the lagometer the lower graph has a gap for the duration of the freeze and when it ends i'm usually looking at some other location and if someone was firing at me i most certainly dead lol... I don't think its connection related, as my ping is usually low and stable, and i notice that this is somehow related with sound, namely voice commands/taunts, most of time this happens i can read or hear that someone just used those, but its almost random, not all voice commands/taunts give me game freeze... I can only play late night, with few people and sometimes after asking them to not spam much lol

Well, if someone has any fix suggestions i would be really appreciated, as you well know some people really like to spam voice/taunts (not your fault!!) and all the freezing makes the game unenjoyable for me :<

Thanks for the attention,

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@Entropy, "Enemy Spotted", and game freezes. May be your soldier realizes that he has been spotted and his legs just give away, LOLz

On serious note, if this is really a sound issue, which seems that it is so far, you dont have to get into a server to test it. Simply start your game in Multiplayer as server and start taunting. You should be observing freezes then as well. It is no fun (rather difficult) to play MOHAA without sound, but as I had said earlier that disable "All your sound drivers" and then try to play. At least we will be pin pointing on something and then can suggest further.

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@dodgerman20001 Not really sure, when the server is emptier it looks it goes better, but theres also a lot less voice commands/taunts going on with less ppl...
Atm i have the connection in LAN, my connection is pretty good, my pings isn't better because of server distance i guess (i'm from Portugal)...
I don't have any other .pk3, not even maps or even the admin tool since i lost all with the previous hard-drive dying... I have what i downloaded from the link zer! mention a few post ago...
@zer! I just went playing with the computer fresh and cool and the issue was there, to be honest i quitted pretty fast as its impossible to try to aim if someone shouts "Enemy spotted", i freeze and when it came back my mouse is even pointing elsewhere lol... I have the laptop lifted a bit so air can circulate better and not even a month ago i replace the heatsink past...
Regarding the graphic drivers i tried to change them today, to the ones i can download from the laptop provider for this model, just to try... And I got a BSOD while installing them and got the windows profile corrupted, spent all afternoon fixing that lol, to be honest i'm getting close to giving up and only play with the server almost empty and after politely asking ppl to do a little less taunting lol
Anyway, i really appreciate your suggestions and time, maybe tomorrow i'll get patience to try to change drivers again lol

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@Entropy, Slim has pointed it rightly. If your CPU temp go high then you will experience freezes. There are 2 things that can help:

1) Ensure that while playing games, your laptop is getting enough ventilation. When I play I use laptop cooling pad.

2) Over a period of time CPU heatsink paste gets ineffective. You can simply open up the heatsink, buy the paste (or go to computer shop), remove old paste from CPU surface, apply the new paste and plug your CPU back in. Trust me I've seen the magic of good vs bad heatsink pasting. So it is an important factor.

With that being said, have your tried changing your graphics drivers. May be upgrade or downgrade a bit.

If that does not help, may be you can open a thread at There are some pretty experienced guys who might be able to fix it.

Good Luck!

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Hi mate, is this more often when the server is full?... it happens now and then to me but i think you will find it's one of the server hoppers, i.e, when you ping goes out it hops to different servers before it pings back from the game server, sometimes these hoppers can get congested and the ping for a ms goes up.. nothing you can do about it as it normally rectfies after sometime.....

that's one solution....

other is to check you graffics card is updated...

also have you installed any other pk3 in you main?,, this too can give you stutter

have you selected the right net connection in the game , you no from the locker where you select multi player/lan etc, you get an option of xdsl/lan/cable etc, wrong selection will mess up your ping...


hope this helps

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8GB, Win7 64bits

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how many rams u have on that laptop?, are u running windows 64 bit?
windows 10?

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Temperature doesn't help i guess, but i opened and cleaned all  the laptop not even a month ago, and it heats up a lot less now...

Just now went for a game and the computer was cold and the issue was still present, didn't even played a full map... I removed completly the sound drivers and installed the ones that came with the computer, still have the same breaks with random taunts and voice commands, dunno what to do, this is really annoying, some times i can play fine, others I'm freezing all the time...

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did u check your tempature of your laptop?.... check if it runs better when pc is still cold

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yeah, i didnt really fixed it lol, the issue keeps coming back (i guess is like a curse or something ahah), it just look fixed but later that day or the next day I get the freezes again... I see that i have 2 High Definition Audio Devices, i thought that maybe that was the issue but I already disabled them alternatly and the issue still persists... Not just in Mohaa, i got high fps drops (but it doesn't freeze) in Minecraft too and related to sound playing...
Don't worry, I'm always gentle! I am the newbie Blum 3

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Glad you have got it fixed. Opengl32.dll is needed for Intel HD based chipsets, which you may not need.

Now please be gentle on me in the battlefield, I'm a newbie. Wink