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Zware's picture

its powered by geforce gtx, i dont think he has a geforce gtx Smile do you santaaa <3

Pudding's picture

Hello LuV's 
GeForce GTX huh santa ... you are rich now aren't you ?! 

Slimbips's picture

he was rigth in that video, but we all make mistakes, i still talk with him, so its all fine Smile

zer's picture

Hey Slim! that chabinho video, takes a big heart to post something like that .;)


Banned POLAND PL's picture

=|LuV|= Lara Croft  --- This is a very nice picture. You're beautiful. I understand a little. Smile

Slimbips's picture

hey guys join our teamspeak for some mohaa fun!!!!


Lara Croft's picture

Ah!! Yes it's me lol Lol finally nice to hear you speak!! You never ever talk Lol Czy możesz zrozumieć angielski??

Legion's picture

Afternoon All

Banned POLAND PL's picture

=|LuV|= Lara Croft - On this main photo - here Smile is it you?