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Me doing some guitar playin a few years back :) Face Face
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Server mods removed for testing purposes Slimbips Modaa
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Your Favorite Music Slimbips Arya
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Hello from USA ThinkGrowRich BelAl
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LuV Website Chat Enable Notifications (so u can see the last message while your on other website) Slimbips YywiyY
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Who wants top help with LuV Facebook? posting nice videos and pictures etc? Slimbips YywiyY

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Welcome to LuV Clan
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Morning All

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guess u aint woke up yet than debs :P, morning guys Smile

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You lot keep me up too late! Night x

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this is how it should get done

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hello all , hi slim hi leopard have a nice day!

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Morning Peeps

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morning peops Smile

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Hello all Smile

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hello mate Smile

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Hello slim and all good ppl Smile