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Welcome to LuV Clan
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Hiya all.


Be there or be square hehehe. Hopefully see you all there! 

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Good Morning Luvvies!

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Hello Darkness my old friend!!
Slim i found a vid of you

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Sorry to hear ete, we wish that to be stopped everywhere. i don't know what's the mentality of these people.

Somalialainen Hyppy Torakka's picture

If arya is online can u guys say to come fb

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support ET

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we had more than 10 Terrorist attacks here in Egypt
so I know how it feels to be attacked
feel sorry for you
but be strong they can't win if you are strong!!

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Best wishes to all those people out there !!!, i hope this noncense will end soon!

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Today has been Spain. Barcelona. We have spanish members here (as me), i hope all of your loved ones are well...