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i made a tutorial for that tiger 

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How do you make custom maps on Mohaa?

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music 4 everyone : > 

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good day to You  Smile

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I was banned by Devilmycry for cheat ,i never cheat and everyone knows that .Hope to be unbanned ,was playing under Carpe Diem ..


// Mr.GG

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Good Day everyone... here is a new video uploaded today for LuV Clan... Smile


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Sorry I missed Custom Maps...


but I can't use a sniper rifle!


Morning LuVers

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Hi All,

Sorry i missed this as i LuV custom maps,

having problems with my pc. Sad

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I also agree that was great game. And i'd like to thank slimmie for putting The Falls on, which is in my opinion by far the finest map for mohaa. Maybe something could be done for big maps, because getting frozen in some dark place is very boring, not sure if FT mod for them is the best idea. I think freezie was meant to be as part of the game, because in default maps you can see the location where someone gets frozen and plan your next steps, which is supposed to make game more interesting. But being frozen in one of 20 tunnels or in small room in a giant castle absolutely defeats the purpose of FT.