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Welcome to LuV Clan
HABU's picture

hey @ aLL


been a long time ago i was here.. Biggrin

how r ya all??


legion's picture

Evening Peeps

Modaa's picture

hi entropy I hope everything goes well with your life and to see you again on servers <3

TegCAL's picture

Enjoyyyyyyy and nice to seee youuuu again Entroo


CallOfBeauty's picture

Nice to hear something from you Entro! Take ur time to fix everything. We are happy as long as we know you are still alive! Blum 3 Hope to see ya soon on whatsapp group and on servers! 


And for slimmmyy best wishes to feel (see :P) better soon enough! 

Entropy's picture

Hey boys and girls o/ Just dropping in to let you know: I'm Alive!!!

I've been quite busy with changing home, no internet, job hunting, (unpaid) construction working and some "vacations" too... Things are not stable yet, and it is too hot here so my laptop is almost unplayable, but I'll see if I can see you guys on the servers! 

Missing you all, have a nice recovery Slim!
Kind regards
- Entropy

kirby's picture

n1 anany Smile Rieu is one of the finest musicians/composers these days, i have lots of his music on my playlist Blum 3

bah slimbs, wish you quick and easy recovery!

Anany's picture

André Rieu <3

Lara Croft's picture

Awwwwww, doh mr bips. Hope your eye sees better days soon hehe. afternoon all!! 

Debbie's picture

Morning Smile