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morning Smile

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To all who likes to party 

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Hey all Biggrin
Geremin you are not alone, my hard drive died too, i've been almost 2 weeks without computer, just finished now a fresh install...
Now to get Mohaa working again!
Hope to see you all soon in the servers Blum 3

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Hi all,

cheers Slim but np I'M BACK!

re-built it last 24...

just got sound up here for TS3 addr....



bet ur pissed now!



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I cant find it geremin :(, what where these errors,. maybe i can google it for ya

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heeye guys :), how are u doing??

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Afternoon Peeps

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Hey geremin,

About what permission u where talking about?

I guess mohaa,? i hear from you


gr gunner

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HI All,

Having probs again, security update changed my permissions.  Can anyone remember which 1 it was?



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Morning people