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Mixed teams in a war with mfc! CallOfBeauty Green Machine
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Hi all, me a new member^^ BelAl Zware

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Happy birthday knox!!

Slimbips's picture

i have that more often zer, than the server shows the scoreboard of ft and i think huh....server is full? why i dont see anyone, and than it shows the good one Blum 3

zer's picture

After swtching from FT to Rifle only I'm still seeing the scorecard of FT. Stupid Laptop / Internet connection.




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Privet Tovarishchi!

BaRT_mohaa's picture

It was a fun war, thx Teko Smile

Lol eineani Wink

Cpt.Teko's picture

Thaaaaank yoooooou Beaauty Wink really i dunno what to say but be ready coz the next challenge will be against u Biggrin Smile so be ready for that and u will gonna lose any way lmao Biggrin 

CallOfBeauty's picture

Congratulations tekoooo to your win against bart, i am proud of you Blum 3

Anany's picture

that's great Zer , thank you Biggrin , btw this is a great postion for sniper camper :v

zer's picture

For Anany Smile

Anany's picture

Wooooo , this is so great debbie , luv it